Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mindy Mae

Mindy Mae time again. This one is going to be a two house extravaganza. Two houses filled with amazing items Dec 4th 6-8pm Dec 5th 10-6pm. Come and see all the fun new charms and Christmas jewelry.

We are super excited about the upcoming art market in sugar house. This show has become one of my favorite shows with the great merchandise I always love setting up our booth and then getting to shop around and see all of the other vendors creativity.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This darling Christmas pendant with three charms is going to be our give away at the upcoming MindyMae Market in Pleasant View. So come and see all the new holiday jewelry and try to win this great holiday necklace.

Upcoming boutiques

This week we have two great new shows. The first is Deck Your Halls Boutique in Clinton Nov 12 6-9 1457 N 2225 w. The second is a home show in my hometown of American Fork Nov 13 4-6 283 S 420 w . We will have all the fun new holiday jewelry and lots of fun new charms and beads.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Thursday and Friday Sept 24 and 25( 9 am- 5 pm) we are doing Little Missy's Fall Frenzy Boutique in Providence UT. The address is 111 East 450 North Providence. The Boutique is in a Immaculate Construction Model Home we have some new and larger charms that are so cute.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our next show is Peach Days in Brigham City Sept 11-12 it starts at 10 am and ends at 10pm. We are excited for this show it will be nice to be close to home so family and friends can come.
There are many ways to wear this necklace. The enhancer is attached with a lobster claw so it is removable. But the enhancer is a fun way to make the necklace longer and have more space to add the extra charms and beads along with the pendant which is always a good thing.
This is one of my favorite necklaces. I love the vintage image of the queen and the combination with the brass necklace, brass heart, and pearl. Gives this necklace a very romantic feel.
This pretty pink butterfly pendant is larger but the customer who bought it took one look at is and fell in love with it. I love how it just pops off the green background.
This is a larger pendant so you can layer the beads and charms on top of it. The brown long pearls are a rich beautiful color that would be fun just to wear on their own. Blue and brown is such fun colors to wear for upcoming fall.
This soldered bracelet is one of my favorite. The images have a definite vintage and feminan feel to them. I really have started to love pink in my old age.
This bracelet was created by Cynthia. She soldered around broken pieces of china, and added some vintage beads to create a one of a kind bracelet. I love the vintage feel to this bracelet.
This round pendant is made even sweeter by adding a crystal to the bottom of it. The blue freshwater pearl necklace finishes off this necklace. The round pendants are harder to cut out and more difficult to solder but, I think the end result is worth it.

The chandelier necklace is created by picking out a favorite pendant, charms and beads and stacking them on top of each other. All of the charms and beads have lobster claws attached so it is easy to move around and change the look of this necklace.
ts so fun to just play and create unique and one of kind jewelry.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mindy May Market

Our next upcoming boutique is with Mindy May Market. August 7th and 8th Friday 9am-7pm Saturday 9am-5pm Destination Homes 3377 West 1375 North Pleasant View. There are going to be so many cute things to look at and buy. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

1 inch inital charms and beads

This initial charm is fun because it has a lobster clasp and along with beads and stones can be attached to any necklace. Which means you can mix and match with the beads and stones that we also sell. Endless possibility's with this 1 inch flat glass pendant with a mirror on the back.
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inital charm

This is a sample of one of the customized initials that 2 charming makes. The pearl is attached to the top of the pendant with a lobster clasp and can be worn with or without the pearl. The size of the pendant is 1 inch by 2 inch. The class that we used is a beveled glass on the front and a flat glass on the back. Very cute and fun !
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